Iran and the US Need to Talk
Last Tuesday, the American people elected their 45th president. Although opinion polls suggested a close race, at the end of the day incumbent Barack Obama won the election by a comfortable margin, if not a landslide
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 Baghdad Talks: Lessons for All
After two days of intense negotiations, P5+1 countries and Iran ended their meetings in Baghdad and decided to meet again on June 18 in Moscow. The meetings cannot be called either a success or a failure. It was not successful in essence, for it did not produce positive substantive results as anticipated following the Istanbul meeting last month
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 Nuclear Negotiations or Nuclear Capitulation
The worse kind of international behavior, short of military aggression, is economic warfare, and what is being imposed today on the Third World and particularly on the Islamic world, is the bitterly paradoxical behavior of the US and the EU with respect to the inhabitants of these countries, and particularly Iran.
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 A Victory for Iran at the Oscars
Cultural exchanges and dialogue among religions and civilizations can bring about more peace and tranquility for the entire world.
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 Israel Is Pursuing War in the Persian Gulf
Initiation of a conflict may seem to be easy; however, ending it will definitely take lots of human and material resources
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 The US and the Iran-phobia Project
America’s propaganda war against Iran, which had slowed down in the past few months due to the popular uprisings in the Middle East, is once again gaining momentum. The US has tried to overcome its shock over these uprisings, and to understand how to react to them so as to minimize the threats to its interests
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 Democracy & Rationalism in the Middle East
Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Kharazi, in a “Popular Uprisings in the Arab World” meeting, referred to the differences between the Middle East of yesterday and today. He said that if Eastern and Western circles ask which countries had the background and experience of taking steps toward democracy in the Middle East, the unanimous opinion would be that Iran and Turkey have had democracy and turning historical points in their histories
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